Not a recreational vehicle. Your freedom vehicle.

In the HYMERCAR Sydney, the way up could not be easier. The beds in the top sleeping area are not only extremely comfortable, but also conveniently reached using a ladder. On the bed measuring 1.50 × 2.02 m, not only do you lie the right way in the Sydney, but also on the biggest bed area in its vehicle category.

In the lower area, a highly versatile sleeping and living concept awaits you which enables a wide range of sleeping directions (longways, crossways, L-shape) and even offers enough room for restful sleep on business trips.

So that notebooks, smartphones, and the like are always fully charged, power sockets (battery capacity 160 Ah) are available as standard in all the important corners and ends. The self-adhesive insulating window inlays provide optimal protection against heat, cold, sun and disturbing lights at night.