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Find your new campervan: All HYMERCAR models

HYMERCAR Free with bathroom on a Fiat chassis
From 3,5 t to 3,85 t
Up to 4 berths
Modern premium camper van on a Fiat chassis that’s excellent value for money.
HYMERCAR without bathroom on a Fiat chassis
From 3,5 t to 3,85 t
Up to 4 berths
Manoeuvrable, compact and small campervan for trips and everyday life.
HYMERCAR with bathroom on a Fiat chassis
Up to 3,5 t / Over 3,5 t
Up to 4 berths
The HYMERCAR camper with a separate bathroom and/or toilet on a Fiat chassis.
HYMERCAR with bathroom on a Mercedes-Benz chassis (Grand Canyon S)
Up to 3,5 t
Up to 4 berths
Comfort Plus
A campervan that offers more: extra driving comfort thanks to the Mercedes-Benz chassis.


From small, compact models through to high-quality, luxurious Premium models, HYMER has the perfect motorhome for you. Whether it’s a semi-integrated or integrated motorhome on a Fiat or Mercedes chassis, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.
HYMER Motorhomes


You’ll find all sorts of caravans with many different layouts, equipment options and sizes under the name ERIBA. Reliable quality, maximum comfort and cult status are all included.
ERIBA caravans

New Campers for Sale – Things you should keep in Mind

Size, berths, driving licence, weight and other factors when buying a campervan

The size or dimensions play a major role when buying a camper or camper van. The weight, the level of comfort or even the number of berths and seats are also important to making the right decision. We’ll explain what this means in more detail. By the way, all HYMER vehicles are winterised.

From S to L – Different sized Campervans or Camping Panel Vans

How big can your campervan be? This question plays a major role when selecting the right vehicle. Small and compact campervans are manoeuvrable, easier to park in garages or at car parks, and narrow passageways are also easier to take when you’re on the road. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it’s also the perfect vehicle for everyday life. Although a large campervan over 6 metres offers more room and storage space, a surcharge is generally required on ferries. HYMERCAR is where you’ll find both small and large campers alike. We make a distinction between the following sizes:

S = Under 5.5 metres in length

M = From 5.5 to 6.00 metres in length

L = Over 6 metres in length

Homely Comfort on your Trip

All HYMERCAR campers are equipped with a high standard of comfort. Outstanding sleeping comfort, concealed panels, and in some instances a pop-top roof, clever bathroom and kitchen solutions, a contemporary design and many other details make HYMERCAR a superb choice for excellent furnishings. The basis of a campervan on a Mercedes-Benz chassis then also brings the excellent driving dynamics and superb driver assistance systems of this manufacturer into play. This enables you to focus entirely on your trip.

Which Chassis for the Camper or Campervan: Fiat or Mercedes?

The Fiat chassis in the form of the Fiat Ducato is used in many of our campers. With good reason, because it provides the foundation for a Fiat campervan or a Fiat Ducato camper that features fine workmanship and provides excellent value for money. Mercedes is the star wherever you go – and among our campervans too. A Mercedes campervan offers perfect workmanship for exacting standards, ultimate driving comfort, exemplary and comprehensive safety features, as well as phenomenal driving harmony.

Our Fiat campervans:

HYMERCAR without bathroom on a Fiat chassis
HYMERCAR Free with bathroom on a Fiat chassis
HYMERCAR with bathroom on a Fiat chassis

Our Mercedes campervans:

HYMERCAR with bathroom on a Mercedes-Benz chassis

Berths and Number of People

The number of berths in a campervan is limited owing to the structural restrictions. Berths for 2, 3 or 4 people are available – in some instances, this is also made possible by the handy pop-top roof, which creates extra space under the roof. Incidentally, the number of seats can differ from the number of berths, meaning that if you take a tent along with you, in some cases more people can travel with you than the number of berths may at first suggest. In particular, the HYMERCAR without bathroom on a Fiat chassis, which is suitable for everyday use as a second car and whose storage space can be easily increased thanks to the removable furniture, is characterised by its flexible seating concept with seats fitted with a 3-point belt for 3, 4 or 5 people.

The Weight – Driving Licence and Fuel Consumption

A heavy vehicle has a higher fuel consumption than a lightweight vehicle, because the weight ultimately has to be moved. campervans or campers are therefore not only characterised by their manoeuvrability and compact dimensions, but also by being as light as possible, which also results in lower fuel consumption compared to a significantly heavier campers when the same driving style is adopted.

With a category 3 driving licence (prior to 1999), you’re entitled to drive all HYMERCAR campervans. With the newer category B driving licence, up to 3.5 t is permitted. If the vehicle weight exceeds this, a category C1 driving licence is required, which entitles you to drive vehicles with a maximum permitted laden mass of up to 7.5 t.